Natural colors for ice cream

“You will never receive a second chance for a first impression!”

The first thing that meets the eye when observing a food item is the color. The color of the ice cream is one of the primary criteria for choosing it. Color is at the first hand impression. It is more important than taste, as the flavor is not experienced until the food is in the mouth.

The color has a key role when a customer is approving a food.

The color palette of Chr. Hansen provides all possible shades of the natural colors and tailor-made color blends are made in order to meet the specific need of the customers.

Among the solutions we offer to our customers is a full range of shades of water and oil-soluble colors available in liquid and / or powder form. Ice cream producers can also choose between natural colors or FruitMax® coloring foodstuff (extracts). FruitMax® is the latest generation of coloring solutions that are completely natural and allow coloring food with food.

Many factors are to be considered when choosing a color for use in an ice cream. In order to receive the desired color shade technical requirements such as pH, recipe, processing, type of packaging must be considered.  The team of Admix and the experts of Chr. Hansen will assist you in answering all your questions.

For more information about the products from this category, please contact us by email or by phone +389 2 256 22 95.

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