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This Code defines the ethical rules and rules of conduct of the employees of VitaStart Ltd. The VitaStart team introduces management practices in terms of transparency, honesty and responsibility and creates an environment for development and validation of adequate values, morale and behavior of its employees. Every employee must have moral values and follow the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.


The main objective of this document is to strengthen the professionalism of the company in terms of logistics and services, to identify the principles of acceptable and expected from the employees’ behavior in business contacts and workplace relationships. All transactions between business representatives must be placed on both a legal and an ethical basis. In this sense, the financial and practical benefit of all transactions must be achieved without compromising on standards, integrity and fair behavior.

Guided by ethical principles:


The professional work of VitaStart ‘s employees is aimed at strengthening business relations and elevating the company’s prestige.


VitaStart ‘s employees should be guided by the awareness of the professional responsibility they have to their business and clients. They have a moral responsibility for the quality and consequences of their professional actions.


Honesty and precision in employee relations are leading the company’s business. This means honest and impassive behavior, respect for colleagues, correctness in the use of competences, qualifications and professional contacts. All opinions must be fair, accurate, and objective.

Applying ethical principles

Emphasis on ethics is primarily the responsibility of leadership, because through their words, actions and ways of governance they influence the culture and norms of behavior in the company.

Individual responsibility

Employees have shared responsibility for controlling compliance with current ethical conduct principles and creating a favorable work environment.

Employees are obliged to notify their employer of violations that may result in damage or loss.

The basic ethical standard of employees is to prevent them from being led by personal sympathy or antipathies or own considerations or financial benefits. Acceptable behavior of employees must be within a framework that excludes such influence or does not raise suspicion of such influence. This is the reason why in all business contacts the employee should have professional approach.

Behavior the is unacceptable is the acceptance of services and others with unambiguous purposes and for which it is possible to influence the recommendations or decisions in an inappropriate manner.

Intercompany behavior

The activities of VitaStart employees are performed in accordance with the principles of legality, loyalty, honesty, impartiality, responsibility and accountability.

VitaStart ‘s management respects fundamental human rights and does not tolerate discrimination, conflicts arising from cultural differences and the use of child labor (any person under 16 years of age).

In the relationship with their colleagues, employees are respectful and correct, with no behavior prejudicial to the dignity and rights of the individual.

The employee respects the opinion of his colleagues and respects their right to privacy. When contradictions between colleagues cannot be resolved by themselves, they seek the assistance of the leadership.

The employees of VitaStart perform their duties in compliance with the legislation in the Republic of Macedonia.

Depending on the functions it performs, the employee performs actions, proposes and takes decisions that lead to strengthening the trust in the company.

Each employee performs his / her activity competently, objectively and in good faith, striving continuously to improve his / her work in the interests of the company and the business and follows behavior that does not harm the company’s prestige, not only in the performance of his / her duties but also in his public and personal life.

When performing his / her duties, the VitaStart ’s employee is courteous and respectful to everyone, respecting the rights and dignity of the person, and preventing any discrimination.

Relationships with clients and partners

VitaStart employees perform their duties impartially and unbiased, doing their best to make service accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Employees who process data and personal information for the purposes of direct marketing and the provision of services are required to protect and take care of any known data or information they have acquired in the course of or in connection with the performance of their duties.

Employees whose activity is related to administrative service perform these activities legally, timely, accurately, in good faith and impartially. They are required to meet customer requests and provide them with all necessary information to protect their rights and interests while complying with the requirements of the EU Regulation for General Data Protection.

Professional behavior

Employees support VitaStart’s leadership with high professionalism, impartiality and activity in developing and conducting company policies and following behaviors that build trust in leadership.

An employee is not required to execute an order when it contains an obvious offense or requires any other unlawful action.

The employee should not express personal opinions in a way that can be interpreted as an official position of VitaStart and is obliged to observe the established working hours for the performance of the duties assigned to him.

Documents and data in VitaStart may only be used by employees to perform their duties in compliance with the information protection rules.

Employees leaving the company should not misuse the information they become aware of in relation to the job or the functions they have performed.

VitaStart’s employees should refrain from accepting for themselves or for other persons, benefits or services that may lead to the influence of their official activities; they do not use their position for acquisition.

VitaStart’s employees should not allow the presence or the occurrence of a conflict of interest that may affect the impartial and objective performance of their duties.

Employees who have access to sensitive commercial information should not disclose it publicly for the purpose of harming certain economic agents or enriching others.


VitaStart’s management takes care that all employees know the laws and rules to apply all measures to prevent illegal activities, conflicts of interest and others in violation of applicable law.

Employees are required to inform the management of all established and conducted business contacts.

Other provisions

Every employee of VitaStart is ​​required to become acquainted with and comply with the provisions of this Code and, in this respect, to be informed of any amendments and additions thereto.

Upon initial entry, the supervisor is required to inform the employee of the provisions of this Code and the other orders issued.

For the cases not covered by this Code, the provisions of the applicable laws apply accordingly.

The Code of Ethics was approved and adopted on May 23, 2018.

Annexes and others – Appendix 1

This Code shall enter into force on the date of its approval.

23.05.2018                                                                                                           Approved by: