Yogurt starter cultures

Yogurt starter cultures from Chr. Hansen that we offer are starter cultures for direct inoculation (DVS®). When compared to the bulk starter, the use of DVS cultures has some main advantages:

  1. Convenience and cost reduction – no need to prepare bulk starter in the plant. The culture can be used directly from the freezer – so production planning is much more flexible.
  2. Security – lack of bulk starter means less risk of phage infection, which could lead to a delay in fermentation, low quality and / or scrapped products.
  3. Consistent action – while in bulk starter can occur undesirable and uncontrollable change in the ratio between strains, in DVS starter cultures the ratio is controlled and constant.
  4. Flexibility – DVS cultures can be used in specific combinations in order to produce a variety of fermented milk products.
  5. New and interesting cultures – DVS allows to create cultures with specific ratios between the strains, which is reflected in a broad portfolio of DVS cultures.We offer a wide range of cultures for yogurt production – cow, goat, sheep, buffalo and plant-based yoghurt. The different series of starter cultures we offer allow production of yogurt with different viscosity to be produced – from low to extremely high. The cultures offer various flavors – from a very tender to a strong yogurt flavor.DVS® cultures can be used for production of various yogurt products such as cup set yogurt, stirred yogurt, drinking yogurt, dilute lactic acid drinks, frozen yogurt.Yogurt starter cultures are sold for direct inoculation into processed milk – frozen as pellets or freeze-dried granules.

For more information about the products from this category, you can contact the representative of Chr. Hansen in Macedonia:

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