Starter cultures for kashkaval

Kashkaval is a type of cheese that belongs to the Pasta Filata cheese group. These are the cheeses that refer to the stretched-curd cheeses, made famous in Italy. Such cheeses are made using a special technique whereby the curd is given a hot water bath, then kneaded and stretched to the desired pliable consistency.

Typical cheeses in this category include:

  • Kashkaval
  • Mozzarella
  • Pizza Cheese
  • Provolone
  • Scamorza
  • Caciocavallo
  • Halloumy

The starter cultures from Chr. Hansen kashkaval that we offer are cultures, intended for direct inoculation (DVS®). DVS® is a main ingredient with great influence on benefits and little influence on costs.

Thanks to the use of direct starter cultures you can get cheese with different characteristics such as: more pronounced or mild taste, elastic, hard or soft structure, with or without crust and redness when roasted. The cheese cultures are also suitable for application in any type of kashkaval – cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, mixture, with or without vegetable fat.

The main advantages of using DVS® cultures for kashkaval production are:

– Yield Optimization with DVS®

– Risk minimization and phage protection

– Process convenience and low cost in use – DVS® has a low cost in use in comparison with bulk starter.

– Keep known flavor and texture profile

– Cheese technology and application support as well as quick access to specialists with a high level of knowledge, focusing on customer support.

Starter cultures for kashkaval are sold for direct inoculation into processed milk – frozen as pellets or freeze-dried granules.

For more information about the products from this category, you can contact the representative of Chr. Hansen in Macedonia:

eng. Meri Ilieska  

or us:, tel.: +389 2 256 22 95