Game changing coagulant enables up to one percent yield increase

Groundbreaking innovations in the coagulant space are rare but Chr. Hansen, the world’s leading producer of coagulation solutions, is committed to constantly raising the industry standard for performance.

“We understand the challenges of modern cheesemakers who are under pressure to generate maximum value, increase flexibility, and meet customer demand for better functionality and convenient cheese formats. To accommodate those needs, we are delighted to bring our newest innovation to the market,” says Soeren Herskind, vice president, Commercial Development, Chr. Hansen.

CHY-MAX® Supreme is the third generation of the CHY-MAX® fermentation produced chymosin (FPC) range of coagulants and a result of five years of intensive research. It helps cheesemakers deliver a greater commercial return by offering:

  • Higher yield
    Produces up to one percent more cheese over the market leading coagulant without compromising whey quality
  • Faster and more precise production
    Processes more milk and cheese in less time
  • Superior functionality
    Better slicing and grating of cheese with reduced giveaways and controlled protein breakdown over time
Small change – big difference

“With a small but crucial change to our renowned CHY-MAX® enzyme, we are making a big difference across cheese production and functionality. Applications for Cheddar, Continental or Pasta Filata/Mozzarella cheese types,” elaborates Herskind.

“CHY-MAX® Supreme maximizes value by allowing the cheesemaker to produce considerably more cheese out of the same amount of milk. A one percent yield increase of global cheese production means more than 220 million kg more cheese without more milk to the vats. That is enough to satisfy the yearly cheese consumption of 15 million American consumers!

The benefits also enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and go hand in hand with the increased focus on sustainability. As such, this global launch is a good example of the type of sophisticated solutions that recently secured Chr. Hansen’s recognition by Corporate Knights* as the world’s most sustainable company,” Herskind notes.

Easy access to local expertise

Cheese producers obtain more than just a superior product offering when partnering with Chr. Hansen, which status as market leader is reaffirmed by this launch:

“With experts based in over 30 countries, we are ready to go onsite and ensure our solutions work optimally in our customers’ products and production systems. Whether they want to optimize processes, develop new products, or reduce their environmental impact, Chr. Hansen is a wide-ranging partner with cultures, enzymes, digital tools for measuring coagulation. And local expertise to help our customers turn challenges into opportunities,” he concludes.