Cheese coagulant

Chr. Hansen was the first company in the world that offered standardized animal rennet on the market in 1874. А century later, in 1989, CHY-MAX® was launched and set new standards. This is the first generation of fermentation-produced chymosin (FPC). Twenty years later, in 2009, Chr. Hansen launched CHY-MAX® M, taking the FPC standard to the next level.

Wide range of coagulants

Chr. Hansen products aim to meet the market requirements of all cheese producers. Including small and large, traditional and innovative, local and industrial – all over the world. 

We supply Chr. Hansen’s extensive range of animal rennet, microbial coagulants and fermentation-produced chymosin (FPC).

Certified products

Consumers’ requirements are always important to Chr. Hansen. For this reason most fermentation-produced coagulants are certified Halal, Kosher, and Vegetarian.


This second-generation FPC is the most highly specific coagulant. CHY-MAX® M delivers numerous benefits including yield increase, dosage reduction, improved texture stability. Including possibility for shelf life increase, better taste, reduced bitterness, increased whey value and more.


Most of the cheeses all over the world are produced with first-generation FPC. CHY-MAX® provides several benefits such as increased yield, better flavor profile and improved whey value compared to microbial coagulants. 


HANNILASE® is a microbial coagulant produced by the fungus Rhizomucor miehei in thermos-stable (L) and purified thermos-labile (XP) versions. As a low-cost coagulant, HANNILASE® is the right coagulant for organic cheese, homemade and non-industrial cheese production.


NATUREN is animal rennet manufactured from the extract of the fourth stomach (vells) of both calves and bovines. Naturen is particularly suitable for traditional cheeses and cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

We also offer a product intended for use in small farms or households – Hansen Sticks, a powder chymosin rennet for use in up to 50 l milk.

For more information about the products from this category, you can contact the representative of Chr. Hansen in Macedonia:

eng. Meri Ilieska  

or us:, tel.: +389 2 256 22 95       

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