Skyr for life

High protein dairy delight from Iceland rocks

We have seen Greek style yogurt sky-rocketing on an international scale, and that is still a significant trend. But, coming up is Skyr (pronounced skeer), the Icelandic fermented and concentrated milk product. This milk product contains more protein (up to 13%) and only 0.2% fat.

“Skyr is Iceland’s national dish, which has been a natural part of the daily diet since the Vikings and it is also mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. Today Skyr, fits well with modern lifestyle and the health-conscious consumer who demands high protein content. Furthermore, low carbohydrate yet filling food that tastes good and has a nice, smooth texture,” explains Karsten Tjener, Marketing Director, Fresh Dairy.
 At the forefront of this new trend Chr. Hansen has played an important role developing cultures tailored for this application.

A culture for every concept

  “We like to develop concepts to present the culture in various types of product. Adapted to specific consumer segments or meals,” elaborates Tjener. “Examples could be “low fat make-over” for calorie-conscious women. Or “healthy indulgence” for families who want a delicious yet healthier dessert option.”


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