The global food industry is experiencing strong demand for safe, healthy, tasty and natural products with fewer additives. It also demands for excellent shelf life and sustainable production/distribution. In that case, ensuring that food does not go to waste in the process.

What if you, as a producer, could extend shelf life and keep your dairy products fresh longer? In an all-natural way?

You can! Through Bioprotection – the art of using natural microbial food cultures to inhibit unwanted contaminants to prevent food spoilage and enhance food safety.

Chr. Hansen has successful bioprotective cultures on the market as a solution. It is based on ancient principles in food production: Fermentation. Referred to as FreshQ®, they are natural food cultures selected especially to protect dairy products.

Attacks on several fronts

In short, bioprotective cultures work by a combination of mechanisms that attack harmful microorganisms in the dairy product. Such attacks may include:

  • ”Eating their food”: Good and bad bacteria compete for the same nutrients that are naturally available in the yogurt
  • Outnumbering them in the fierce competition for space
  • Attacking them with natural metabolites that are produced during the normal fermentation process
  • ”Sending signals” in their cell-to-cell communication that affect or prevent other species from spreading.

This means that good bacteria are nature’s way of keeping our food safe and fresh – for a long time.

Or in short: ”Keep it Great!”


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