New wine options with or without sulfites

Consumer demand in the food industry is growing rapidly. 

The mega trend for “natural and pure” products also affects the wine industry. Consumers want winemakers to minimize the use of exogenous products, such as preservatives. The lower content of sulphites and even the production of a range of wines without sulphites is a clear leading global trend within the wine industry. Consumer demand, coupled with new technical know-how, has made this possible: no sulfites in winemaking.

 Our innovative approach helps wineries respond to consumer demand.

Our ongoing relationship with winemakers around the world, combined with the activities of our team, has helped in our efforts to find effective solutions to major problems for wine producers, one of which is: How to reduce sulfite (SO 2 ) in the production of wine wine?

Chr . Hansen has been involved in the search for a solution to replace sulfites in wines from the beginning. Today, the influential book, “How to Make Wonderful Wines Without Sulphites?” States clearly: to combat the development of unwanted microorganisms, the best way is to use the ones developed by Chr . Hansen VINIFLORA® well known, safe and highly concentrated microbial solutions.

The secret to success in the production of good and non-sulfated wines is to clearly identify why sulfites are used during vinification and to replace this activity with natural solutions.

Are you planning to launch a new range of non-sulfated wines already? Local wine experts at Chr . Hansen will support you in this journey – contact us.


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