New trends in nutrition
How do consumers evaluate and choose food and health products? Will there be a food revolution soon?

In a period of change, Chr.Hansen is working hard to ensure that food manufacturers and end-users, both of them, continue to receive the maximum benefits and benefits from our products.

The ability to bring innovative solutions and technologies to the market is an important factor in achieving success in the future. Thus, our company recently completed work on a project whose goal was to identify and anticipate structural changes in the food and medical industry in the next 10 years. Will there be a food revolution?

Welcome to the “new food world”

Working with a team of sociologists and anthropologists, make the first observations of what is happening in the food arena. The project team members visited startups, chatted with experts, interviewed the largest food manufacturers and studied consumer behavior at home. The study was conducted around the world. In particular, we focused on studying the habits of the population in the US, Europe and Asia. During the study, more than 140 hours of audio and video materials were collected, as well as more than 600 pages of field notes and recordings.

It was not a discovery that people become more knowledgeable and consciously relate to the choice of foods that they consume and that they feed their children. The world of food and health products is in the process of structural changes and we are moving in the direction of the “new food world”.

Solving consumer dilemmas

Studies have identified 5 major factors that are important for consumers when choosing food, as well as influencing the structural changes in the industry. Buyers want everything in one product, but the market does not satisfy these requirements.

People want to be able to buy real food that is tasty, healthy, safe and authentic, but on the condition that it is also affordable. Our research has determined the fact that the consumer, when choosing food and, if desired, to eat tasty and wholesome, should choose, compromise between these essential properties of food. We called these tradeoffs dilemmas.

For example, often people choose food for taste, something that they would like to eat, or choose for the criterion of health benefits. So, quite rarely people evaluate the same product for both properties. While in the “new food world” the consumer wants this combination and therefore is actively looking for products that match his taste preferences and will be both useful.

We are confident that Chr.Hansen can play an important role in these issues and help its customers solve many of the dilemmas that the consumer is dealing with today. Our team is looking forward to the opportunity to make a contribution to improving the future today, a future where real food will be available to more people around the world.


Innovative solutions to meet the needs of the future

Considering the results of our research, as well as the position of the market leader, we are confident that the development of the industry will be determined by the solution of real product dilemmas.

  • We know that our solutions can help our clients solve these problems in their favor.
  • For example, our newest lactase enzyme, Nola®Fit, can help solve the dilemma between taste and healthy properties, since it makes it possible to produce sweeter yogurt, but with reduced sugar content.
  • Another example was reflected in our concept regarding SaltLite® cheese, which can significantly reduce the salt content of cheese, but without compromising on taste.
  • We strive to direct our research and innovation activities in such a way as to help our clients solve difficult dilemmas in the “new food world”.


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